To be continued …

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  1. I have a theory on why Rumple, Jefferson, and (possibly) Regina are still aware of their FTL selves. When the EQ cursed PC and SW, she said she was going to take away everyone’s happy endings; but the three characters listed above never had one. I don’t know ehether this has ever been mentioned, but I realized the connection right now. Maybe this is also why Ruby still has her werewolf traits, because she ended up killing her boyfriend (whose name I can’t recall right now), and came to turns to who and what she really is.
    This dosen’t explain August though, it’s hard to put a finger on him. I don’t think he’s Rumple’s son though, because none of the FTL characters age to who they are in SB. Another reason is because August had come into SB voluntarily; if he was Rumple’s son, he wouldn’t have been able to leave in the first place! I think it’s safe to say that he may be the author of the book, because there has not been any real mention of the book’s origin anyways, and the obvious act of carrying around a typewriter and adding/changing the contents of Henry’s book.

    • If August is Rumpel’s son (which I think is possible), he would have to have some kind of special powers in order to be able to age and to come and go freely from Storybrooke, which, as you say, the other characters can’t do. But if anyone had special powers like that, it could very well be Rumpel’s son. Also, he could be both Rumpel’s son and the author of Henry’s book. One doesn’t necessarily preclude the other.

      • But the only reason Rumple has powers is because of the curse. I’m starting to think that the writers are giving up on his son’s backstory, because there’s not a lot to go on. We know that his son became scared of what Rumple became.. so how else would one branch off a story from that without sounding too forced?

        There might even be a chance that Regina has R.’s son locked away with Belle and Katherine so she could use him as leverage?

        • Ooh, I never thought of that — Rumpel’s son locked away w/Belle and Katherine! That’s so creepy — it sounds like something that Regina would do.

          I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Rumpel’s son’s backstory. The writers left kind of a cliffhanger. Rumpel said that he lost his son (because of what he had become), but they haven’t shown us exactly how or why, yet — beyond showing us that the son was scared — and I think the way Rumpel said he lost him, there was something more specific than that.

  2. Just wanted to chime in about how much I LOVED Jefferson’s name!!!

    Also, his daughter being called Grace? Brilliant. Solid 24 karat awesome.

  3. Isn’t August the same as Peter aka Red Riding Hoods boyfriend in FTL?

    • They look very similar, but they’re not the same person — they’re played by different actors. We still don’t know who August is.

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