Poll: What did you think of Episode 16, “Heart of Darkness”?

10 responses to “Poll: What did you think of Episode 16, “Heart of Darkness”?

  1. what do you think that contains the bottle? a potion? (sorry for my english)

  2. It’s a love potion. (Edited your post — no promotional links allowed.)

  3. for who? charming? maybe?

  4. and for what do you think rumpel wants charming cloak?

  5. I just thought he wanted to fill in the gap in his collection — but maybe he does have a specific person in mind. Maybe he wants the Evil Queen to fall in love with someone who would be bad for her?

  6. He wanted the cloak to get the hair to make the potion! (He plucked a hair off of the cloak with his tweezers.)

  7. I think the potion represents Emma, since she is a product of true love. Thats why Gold told her that she was more powerful then she knows. And Rumpel said that true love is the most powerful potion.

    • Yeah, we’ve seen the power of Emma’s “true love” kiss, when it brought back the memories of Graham/Huntsman.

  8. FYI- season finale is May 13, thats my b-day!!!

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