“Skin Deep” — how many puns are in the title?

I was just thinking about the title of the next episode — Skin Deep. You know how the OUAT writers love puns and wordplay (in both the episode titles and the names of the characters), and they love to have double, triple, or quadruple meanings in the titles. So I was wondering what this title might turn out to mean.

The most obvious thing is that it comes from the expression “Beauty is only skin deep.” And that already has a pun built into it because the episode is going to tell the story of (very slight spoiler) Beauty and the Beast.

Digging a little deeper (ha, there’s a pun!), could there be other meanings? Maybe the “skin” could refer to the episode’s beast, RumpelstiltSKIN?

Any other guesses about what it could mean?

2 responses to ““Skin Deep” — how many puns are in the title?

  1. Judging from the episode preview, Rumplestiltskin’s skin colour changes… in once scene with Beauty, his skin is normal flesh tone. But in another scene with Beauty, his skin has that weird tinge we’re used to seeing.

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