Plans for this blog — rethinking the recaps, reading “Fables,” and revisiting the first episode

I need to rethink how I’ve been doing the recaps. I’ve been putting up a first draft on Sunday night and then revising it over the next few days, but that’s probably really confusing to anyone trying to read it.

I’m going to try putting up a fast post after the episode and then doing another one after I’ve had some time to rewatch it, get some screencaps, and think about it a bit. That will probably be around Thursday. I might also split it up into chunks and post some earlier, but I’m not sure about that.

(Editing to add 2/4/12: I did start doing a “quick cap” on Sunday nights. As far as doing a second recap, though, that turned out to be overly ambitious — I haven’t had the time — plus, I think, it would be overkill, at least for most episodes. My current plan is to continue with the “quick caps,” and then, if/when time permits, maybe add some screencaps later (without rewriting the post itself, which I think was the confusing part) and/or add some posts mid-week covering particular aspects of the episodes).


I first heard about the comic-book series Fables because of the controversy about whether OUAT was too similar. Then I started hearing good things about the comics, and I thought the author’s response to the controversy was very gracious.

I planned to start reading the comics and write something about them over the OUAT hiatus, but when I tried to reserve them at the library, there was a comedy of errors. I was trying to get Book One of the Deluxe edition, which contains the first 10 comic books. First the library got me Book Three, then Book Two, then a paperback copy that contained five much more recent comics. The fourth time was the charm, though, and Book One just came in.

The Pilot episode

I started this blog right after Episode 2 aired. I’d like to go back at some point and add a recap for the pilot episode so that the blog will have a complete set.

2 responses to “Plans for this blog — rethinking the recaps, reading “Fables,” and revisiting the first episode

  1. I’m sure there’s lots of OUAT fans like me who really appreciate reading your initial thoughts about the episode right after it is broadcast. Maybe you could title tomorrow night’s recap something like: Recap 9.1

    Then after you’ve had more time to think about, add some screencaps, etc., title it Recap 9.2.

    And if you still want to say more after that, title it Recap 9.3

    That should prevent any confusion.


    • Thanks for your kind words, and the numbering system is a great idea.

      I had an idea, though, which I am going to try this week. I’m going to do two separate recaps/reviews that (I hope) won’t overlap too much. If you read Television Without Pity, I was thinking of doing something similar to what they do with their “weecaps” and their full recaps.

      I was going to call the first one a “Quick Cap,” and the second — I don’t know, I guess “Slow Cap,” unless I can think of something more catchy, and I’m open to suggestions.

      I hope you can give some feedback when you see what this looks like. Thanks!

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