Spoilers — Episode 8 “Desperate Souls” — official press release

I definitely do not want to be spoiled for the next episode. I know who the episode is about, and that is ALL I want to know. I’m particularly excited about this episode because it is about my favorite character and because it is written by Jane Espenson, who did such a good job with That Still Small Voice. I want to go into it completely fresh.

But, I know some of you are looking for spoilers or at least any scraps of information that become available. This is the first thing out — the official press release for the episode. I’m actually not sure how spoilery it is, because I didn’t even look at it. I just grabbed the link without looking at the page itself. Whatever it says, please don’t tell me: Press Release Episode 8

(Thanks to David for the tip.)

Reminder: The episode won’t air until January 8.

What do you think?