The author of “Fables” interviews himself

Cover Fables Bill Willingham

Cover of "Legends in Exile," an early collection of "Fables"

Accusations have been swirling around the internet that the writers/creators of Once Upon a Time ripped off the idea for the show from Fables, a 10-year-old monthly comic book series about fairy tale characters living in the modern world in a secret community called Fabletown, in an apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

(I haven’t read Fables — though I might, because I keep on hearing that it’s really good — so I don’t have an opinion on how similar the show and the comic books really are.)

The author of Fables, Bill Willingham, published an interview with himself on Sunday, where he talked graciously about the controversy and issued a “call to disarm.” You can read it here: Bill Willingham on “Fables” vs “Once Upon A Time”

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  1. I thought this must be a fable that I can read, but when I came here I found that “Fables” is only a book. Anyways thank you very much.

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