Hi. I decided to start a new blog for Once Upon a Time. I had already written a few posts about the show, mostly about the Pilot episode, on my LOST blog. Check out my post there about the LOST references in Once Upon a Time, if you haven’t already seen it .

I’m actually a bit on the fence, at the moment, about OUAT.  Of course, it’s written by LOST writers, so that’s a huge draw. And I’ve always been intrigued by new ways of telling old fairy tales (many years ago, I wrote a short story called “Happy Ever After” that retold the story of Hansel and Gretel), so I’m definitely on board with the idea. I love that it is a story, in part, about the nature of story-telling. But I’m not sure where they are going to go with it, and the pacing, at this point, sometimes feels slow. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I hope to have some good discussions here. I think there will be a lot to talk about.

— Ms Terri, aka Ms T

What do you think?